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Our Values

We Value "NothingBetter"

You deserve NothingBetter than the best possible mental health. We wouldn't offer any clinical care we wouldn't want to receive for ourselves. These, along with other beliefs, form the foundation of our practice and how we administer care. 

Our Diversity Values:

Our staff and vendors come from all walks of life. We value the diversity within our community and work hard to respect everyone equally. Truly integrative care looks like respecting the diversity of color, culture, spirit, and values within the locations we serve, and going the extra mile to stand where you are.

Our Value of Patients and Respect Their Privacy:

We strive to respect the privacy of all people no matter what your background. If you are clinically safe to treat virtual, we will work with you. We will always communicate with you and send bills under the name "NothingBetter Health".

Our Financial Value:

We accept most major commerical insurance carriers, as well as offer self-pay care that is reasonably priced. Some of our providers offer free 15-minute meet and greets in order to assist you in determining if we are the right fit for you.

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