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The Best Approach to Care

The best approach to helping your mental health needs is with the combination of therapy and medication management. The medication and supplements we prescribe and manage typically focus on the symptoms you want to correct. This allows your therapy and skills to work. We rely on clinical research (not social media) and your decisions to drive the road we take with you.

We believe that every patient we prescribe medication for also needs therapy. We don’t have a hard rule about that, but you can expect us to reinforce that you need to find and use a qualified therapist. We can offer therapy services; however, most of our patients find it best to utilize therapy services from counselors who have more time to focus entirely on therapy services. We then partner with them to ensure the best integrated care.


Extended Time Affordable Appointments - We offer “extended time” medication management appointments. While many peers offer shorter appointments at a higher fee, we find that the extended time gives us the chance to dig a little deeper and put a plan together that meets your goals and the lower price reduces the impact on your budget.

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